terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

Saving Juliet-Sinopse

"Two Juliets,both alike in desperation... Mimi Wallingford, of the famous Wallingford actors, wishes to be anywhere but onstage for the final performance of Romeo and Juliet. Acting isn't for her, even if her family's future relies on it. Being transported to Shakespeare's Verona wasn't what she had in mind either, but when the magical ashes clear, she's suddenly not in Manhattan anymore-and fer heartthrob costar,Troy Summer, is along for the ride.
After Mimi befriends the real Juliet Capulet, she just can't allow the play to reach the tragic edn that she and Troy have acted out countless times before. But if saving Juliet means changing the greatest love story of all time, will Mimi and Troy ever make it back to Broadway?"

Aguardem minha opinião... Estou nas últimas páginas! Leiam! Eu recomendo! ;)

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Comentando você faz uma filósofa sorrir! ;)
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*Anônimo não! Adoro gente com opinião, mas tenha a coragem de dizer quem é depois de fazer uma crítica!
Volte sempre viu! :)

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